Saturday, July 17, 2010

1st week in Korea

Darn! Well I thought that I would have some pictures to share but it turns out I have an xD card and not an SD card! Any ideas how I can get it off of my camera? Let me know ASAP!!!!

Well I'll drop an update on you guys. So what a week! My head has really been swimming. This past week was all training, since next week I have to start teaching, which normally they have two weeks of training for you but I only get one. Apparently the kid I am replacing went crazy! Like really crazy! I only get details here and there but there was some sort of breakdown from a already kind of off kid. So that is the reason for all the rush and hub bub. So the first weekend was fun! Everyone from the school went on a retreat which I passed on because I was exhausted from the jet ride. I went on a super awesome adventure. First I went to a Korean restaurant, and with the help of my phrasebook I barely got out that I had no clue what the menu said, what the things were on the menu, if I knew the things that were there, I would have no clue about liking them or not, and that they should pick for me. This all was verbalized by me in about three words and pointing to the "What would you reccomend phrase" in my Korean book. So for my first meal on my own in Korea I had no clue what it was called. It turned out being some soup thing that you put rice, kimchi, and mystery items with an egg in it. It was fine, they brought some peppers for me to try and they were super spicy and tasty! Sidenote, being as there are so many new foods to try I am lowering my already pretty low pickiness and plan on eating every darn thing I can! So at the end of the meal I still had some (((At this point when writing the blog, I had to stop to go get Pizza School with my floormates Kelly and Becca!! Pizza School is Little Caesars on roids, 5,000 won (which at the current rate of 1200 won/dollar is a little over four dollars) for wayyy yummy pizza. It kicks Little Caesar square in the gonads.) leftover food. So I asked the Korean ladies who ran the restaurant for a to go box. So apparently in Korea, people don't have take out boxes. But I kept asking and pointing and gesturing and I got the message through. So they wrapped up the remainder of the food that I had and put it into a dish and sent it home to me. When I got home I took a closer look at the box and saw that it was actually a real dish instead of some sort of disposable dish. So now I got a dish.... which is nice.

So the kids were fun to watch and teach. Adam is apparently a completely foreign word to them. Whenever I tell them they have to say it a couple times. A-dom, Ate-m? Atom? Adom? Ate-am? Once they get this far they all realize, oh wait there is some Japanese character who I think is Atom but is some sort of rocketman. They ALL love that, then that sends them into a excited imitation of a man with rocket shoes.... great. The kids are anywhere from 6-16 in the classes I teach and definitely are interesting. You always go by Adam Teacher. Koreans in addresses and most things I guess start with the broadest category first. Interesting, but I am not sure if it is better. The kids are really sweet and I am sure to have lots of pictures etc. I teach about six classes of english monday through friday from 12:45 to 8:45 with breaks mixed in. Not too bad and there is some downtime throughout the day. Unfortunately I found out you can't wear jeans or shorts so I wore the same pair of slacks for four days lol. Oh well can't have everything.

I want to keep up with new foods that I am trying, so I will profile one Korean food per blog I think. Complete with picture and my personal rating :).


Banana Milk!!!!

Dang will guess the picture is above.

Banana Milk was a prize for one of the classes that I shadowed. Unfortunately they didn't perform the requisite task so the teacher gave it to me and it was sweeeeet! It taste exactly like a banana that has been liquified with a super good texture yummmmm. Needless to say I have bought a ton of it! I know you shouldn't give a high rating right out of the gate but 10 out of 10! Delicious! Something I definitely think that I will miss when I would go home. So if anyone can help me with how to play songs on my blog and how to get pictures off my camera keeping in mind that I do not have the cord, that would be great! Alrighty See you next time!

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