Sunday, September 12, 2010

River, Bar, Jump

Hmm I am super tired! This morning I stayed up all night to watch the BYU game that started at five in the morning Seoul time. I watched the whole painful loss to Air Force, and although it was sad, I think I will do this for most of the games. I think it is a nice way to remember home and is something that makes me excited and overly passionate at least once a week which is nice. I have a few comments about the game, but I am just going to take them from excerpts of an email with my dad and a facebook exchange from a friend. Both of them are how Riley Nelson the BYU quarterback pisses me off. The first exchange

Adam Murphy It's 5:20 in the morning and I am watching BYU Football over the internet, couldn't be happier. Go Cougs!

Katy Bodenhorn I could be happier. Like, if we hadn't gotten stomped. :/
Adam Murphy Yeah or if we could sauter Jake Heaps arm and brain onto Riley Nelson.

and the second...
Man it is frustrating watching Nelson play quarterback, ok you can run the ball I get it, but what bugs me isn't the fact that he can't throw anywhere near anything, it isn't the fact that he can't even go through progressions to look for an open receiver i.e. even look around before he darts off, the thing that bothers me the most is he cant even do a three much less a five or seven step drop. There were more multiple occasions where he stepped back one step panicked and took off.

Sports is a weird thing, I can be no where near it but still have an emotional attachment to something that really doesn't affect me other than spending my time and emotions. I suppose that is what most fun things are though really, just a positive memory and a happy time. Either way, I loooooooveeeee that it is football season, and absolutely cannot wait for basketball season to come. Instead of watching games during the offseason I watch Kobe Bryant highlight reels, and by the time the season starts I forget that he ever misses lol.

Well I give a couple brief stories and updates. I went with some church friends on the Han river cruise. It is the river that divides Seoul's North and South sections and is pretty sizeable. It was raining off and on when we went, which made it a little difficult to see, but it was still really fun to see the skyline of all Seoul. At the end of the trip they had a little laser show with a whole bunch of water jets coordinated with the lights off of one of the ends of one of the bridges. Well, the light show ended and we started heading straight for the jets! These were pretty much fire hoses and they soaked me and many a Korean old woman (totally worth it).

We also went and did Noraebong and went to "Monkey Beach" which is one of about a million clubs in Seoul. Noraebong is Korean Karoke (sp?) and was pretty fun. We had a group of about ten people, and did it for a little over two hours. I was still really sick and I had lost my voice. Despite this I pulled through with a solid rendition of Lose Yourself, a memorable Where is the Love, and a so-so All my Life by KC and JoJo. I am sure I will do it several more times before my time is up. I hung out with some of the English teachers this most recent Friday night which was really fun. One of the teachers found a bar that was showing the first NFL game with Minnesota vs. New Orleans. A few of the teachers were from Minnesota and really took the lost hard which was both sad and really funny to watch. I noticed that one of our teachers bore a stunning resemblance to the Vikings coach Brad Childress. I want to get his permission before I post comparison pictures but it was close enough that my fellow English teacher threatened to shave his moustache lol!!! Later we played darts and had a real good time. I feel like that I am getting to know my teachers a little better and vice versa. It makes work a lot more enjoyable and the weekends funner and I am happy about that.

I think I am going to rap this up and then hibernate but I had a two more things. So I think I lost ten pounds in the past two months. At this rate I will weigh 125 when I come home. Just want to prepare you all in case it is shocking. I am happy about lost weight like anyone would be but its not like I really went out of my way at all. I think I just sweat more and there is not a lot of meat, butter, and sugar in anything that you would eat so it would be a little tough not to be. Anywho I got bored writing the past five sentences so I can't imagine that it was much better for you to read :). I also had a date with a Korean girl last night. It was really cool and we are supposed to play racquetball this week I am pumped!! She works at Warner Bros. Korea and seems pretty cool so we'll see.

Alright, Let's wrap this up with the weekly food!

I literally pointed at a menu and ended up getting this little number...

Now on the surface it doesn't look to bad, I'll read the entry in my phrasebook.
"Boiled Beef Entrails seasoned with red pepper powder & cooked again in Beef broth with vegetables". So it had some things that were a little different. The weirdest thing was when it came out there was so much steam I couldn't even look into the bowl for a couple of minutes. The taste was ok though maybe a 3.5 on a scale of 1 to 10. Where I thought the blood sausage tasted like bandaids and I would eat the bare minimum to stay alive, I could at least eat yukkaejang till I was full.

Oh one last thing... I told the story on my facebook status, but the following interchange made me smile.

Today I was giving a spelling test to my little 8 year old Korean kids. The word was jump, so I jumped to give them an example. They were impressed and started applauding and told me to jump again. I did so to a second ovation. Man, sometimes the kids make you feel special :)

Alright thanks for reading!